OptygenHP 2019 New and Improved 120 Capsules
OptygenHP 2019 New and Improved 120 Capsules

OptygenHP 2019 New and Improved 120 Capsules

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The all-New and Improved OptygenHP formula features 23% improvement in endurance capacity and a significant increase in energy (ATP) production. Athletes who participated in these studies were able to replenish glycogen faster, which leads to improved recovery and improved performance on back-to-back workouts and during heavy training. In addition, subjects experienced less muscle inflammation after high-intensity exercise, resulting in less soreness and faster recovery.

First Endurance introduced the world to Optygen back in 2002. Since then, there have been a number of additional studies done that show Optygen reduces cortisol levels. By modulating cortisol, athletes experience better recovery, an increase in VO2, improved oxygen utilization and enhanced performance.

The new OptygenHP now delivers 50% more beta-alanine. A 2012 study evaluated the effects of beta-alanine supplementation on VO2max, time to exhaustion and lactate concentrations. Subjects supplemented with beta-alanine for six weeks. The group experienced a significant increase in VO2max, an improvement in time to exhaustion and lactate utilization. The study concluded that beta-alanine supplementation can reduce lactate concentrations during exercise and thus can improve exercise performance in endurance athletes

Is it better to take optygen hp dosage with one meal or multiple meals?

Dosage recommendations: Take 4 capsules daily with a meal.


*Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: gelatin red capsules

Chelavite is a registered trademark of Albion laboratories, Inc.
Covered by Albion international, Inc., U.S. Patent 5,614,553.
OptygenHP is designed to be a multifaceted formula with a mechanism of action that is directly related to an improvement in key physiological facets of hard training. Each key mechanism of action has been tested on endurance trained human subjects and further supported by studies done on the complete formula. These mechanisms are: