First Endurance EFS-PRO 3.0  Premium Endurance Sports Hydration Drink Mix

First Endurance EFS-PRO 3.0 Premium Endurance Sports Hydration Drink Mix

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Experience the revolutionary EFS-PRO, the ultimate endurance sports hydration drink mix. Our cutting-edge technology and completely redesigned formula make it easier than ever to consume more carbs per hour, without compromising stomach comfort. With a clinically effective dose of electrolytes, EFS-PRO will keep you optimally fueled, hydrated, and energized, even in the most demanding conditions. Take your performance to new heights with this exclusive fueling solution.

Performance benefits

 60-120g/bottle of easy-to-digest carbohydrates
 Improves performance & increases energy
 Boosts hydration & prevents cramping
 No stevia, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors.

Experience peak performance with EFS-PRO 3.0, the ultimate endurance fuel upgrade. The revolutionary technology of EFS-PRO provides a higher intake of carbs and electrolytes without causing stomach discomfort. Its exceptional blend of premium-grade carbs enhances athletic performance by delivering a steady and efficient source of energy. Unlike traditional carbohydrates, EFS-PRO can be mixed at higher concentrations while still being quickly absorbed, making it ideal for overtaxed GI tracts. Plus, its powerful formula amplifies the absorption of other crucial performance nutrients like electrolytes - an instant game-changer.


Crafted for your most rigorous days with added fuel for your endurance. The main carbohydrate used in EFS-PRO is a unique, low-glycemic, easily-digestible Cyclic Cluster Dextrin that swiftly absorbs without any heaviness, bloating, or negative effects. Cyclic Cluster Dextrin (CCD) maintains a consistent and steady release of energy. Furthermore, CCD sustains glycogen reserves and promotes fat metabolism for an energy boost, allowing you to fully optimize every stride or pedal stroke no matter how far you've pushed yourself.


Experience a more sophisticated way to fuel with EFS-PRO 3.0 premium endurance sports hydration drink mix. Utilizing a revolutionary CCD formula, EFS-PRO also delivers the optimal ratio of high-glycemic sugars for maximum energy production. By taking advantage of your body's biology, EFS-PRO effectively bypasses glucose limitations, allowing fructose to enter the ATP cycle through a specialized backdoor while maintaining optimal glucose levels. Backed by clinical research, EFS-PRO provides a higher carb count that is easily absorbed, a feat that was once considered science fiction but is now just science. Elevate your performance with EFS-PRO.


Elevate your daily performance and maximize your potential with EFS-PRO. Our premium blend of carbohydrates keeps you fueled and energized not just for one session, but for each one after. Bid farewell to fatigue, wasted efforts, and subpar achievements. EFS-PRO efficiently preserves glycogen, maintains high blood glucose levels, and utilizes fat as an exercise fuel, giving you the ability to push your limits today and conquer tomorrow. We value your feedback and have crafted a meticulously minimalistic formula, using cutting-edge research and technology, to provide everything you need and nothing you don't for optimal nutrition during endurance activities. Upgrade to the new EFS-PRO and experience the ultimate in pure performance.