Superfood Shake 12 Pack
Superfood Shake 12 Pack
Superfood Shake 12 Pack
Superfood Shake 12 Pack
Superfood Shake 12 Pack
Superfood Shake 12 Pack

Kyoku Superfood Shake 12 Pack

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Looking to improve your morning routine? Look no further – the Kyoku Superfood Shake is the ultimate solution! We've tried countless breakfast options, but this one stole our hearts (and stomachs) so much, we had to buy the company. Don't let a lackluster breakfast hold you back from a great day – this shake is packed with all the nutrients you need to fuel your workouts and keep you going strong.

Then we found Kyoku. We started blending one Kyoku shake at breakfast and it really was game-changing. Boost your breakfast game with a Kyoku shake. You won't believe how one shake can change the way you start your day!

  • Stay satiated well until the afternoon
  • Stay fueled for the day and your workouts
  • No cravings to snack or binge later in the day
  • Increase your daily vegetable/micronutrient intake by-massive%

"Kyoku Superfood Shake 12 Pack: Keeping You Energized for Endless Workouts (and No Hunger Pains!) Whether it's a multi-hour sweat session or just a quick session, Kyoku Shake is here to give you the fuel you need without feeling famished. Stay satisfied and energized with every sip!"

The Best Part

You'll actually enjoy the taste! No need to worry about bland superfood shakes here. Even if you're not a veggie lover, we guarantee you'll love this flavor.

What's in Kyoku?

Kyoku is made from 16 different superfoods including:

  • Greens: Broccoli, Spinach, Green Pepper, Collards
  • Carbs & Protein: ChickPea, Peas, Brown Rice, Hemp Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, and Chia Seeds
  • Performance: Black Pepper, Beet Root, Ashwagandha
  • Recovery: Turmeric, Tart Cherry, Quercetin from Apples.

How to Use Kyoku:

Get your superfood fix any time of day with Kyoku, but we highly recommend making it a part of your morning routine. Just mix it with 12-14 oz of your preferred milk (our top picks are Oat and Almond) and some ice for a smoothie that's out of this world! Fuel your body with a creamy and delicious shake that's easy to make. Perfect for a quick breakfast or midday snack, this superfood-packed mix will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.